Design is a dialogue of ideas. It appeals, speaks or creates controversy and GREGG HOMME is constantly revolutionizing men’s underwear while reinventing ways that the original string, thong, briefs, boxer briefs, muscle shirts, T-shirts and fetish wear are devised. With unimaginable designs and functionalities to feed the insatiable taste of men for provocation and seduction, GREGG HOMME is the leader in perfecting sexy mens underwear.

Founded in 1987, GREGG HOMME is a Canadian brand of audacious and cutting-edge underwear and swimwear for men. Through years of innovation and sexy creations, GREGG HOMME has built an outstanding reputation for excellent quality, unique design and exceptional fit. With the desire to fascinate people by creating something unprecedented, comfortable yet aesthetically brilliant, GREGG HOMME celebrates the man who is pleased with himself, his sense of fashion and his lifestyle.

Positioned right between lust and fantasy, GREGG HOMME puts to use the latest technologies and pioneering material to create the extraordinary and fashionable styles from classics such as string underwear and briefs underwear to outrageous fetish wear. Specifically designed with men’s comfort in mind, GH relentlessly pushes the limits of balance between functionality, modernization and fashion. With GREGG HOMME comes a design anatomically shaped for the male body: all fits are specifically engineered for the utmost pleasure of not only the wearer but also the people around.

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